Extensive documentation about -ontop- can be found in our GitHub Wiki. It is highly recommended that you start with the tutorials that can be found there. We organized the content of the WIKI by the topics in this page. Choose your topic from below.

Start here

First steps

Start here to get familiar with using -ontop-. We have prepared a lot of material that will get you going in no time.


List of some fully worked out examples, including the IMDB-Movie Ontology example that you saw in the demonstration video.


Using -ontop-


Click here for material on how to use Quest using Java and the OWLAPI.

Sesame API

Click here for material on how to use Quest using Java and the Sesame API.

SPARQL end-point

Click here for material on setting up a SPARQL end-point using with Quest.

R2RML mappings support

Click here for material on R2RML mappings and -ontop-‘s related features.

Command line utilities

Click here for material on running -ontop- from command line.


Learning more


Learn more about -ontop- and Quest. Get details about the the ontology and mapping language supported by -ontop- as well as the system’s internals.


For a better understanding of the meaning and syntax of mappings in -ontop-, as well as the way we handle database connectivity with JDBC.

Data integration

Material on how to integrate non-RDBMS data with -ontop- and on integrating multiple databases at the same time.

Performance tuning

Material on obtaining the best performance out of -ontop- and Quest.


Understand better the functionalities and usage of the -ontoPro- plugin from here.



Known issues

List of current open issues in -ontop- and Quest. This is very important material that you should be aware of when using -ontop-.


Material on how to avoid common issues and to debug in case you encounter any problems.