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The Ontop framework is developed in the Knowledge Representation meets Databases (KRDB) research group at the Free University of Bozen Bolzano (FUB). Its development started in the context of the European FET project Thinking ONtologiES (TONES) project, then continued independently at FUB and currently, it is being extended in the context of Optique project, a large Integrated Project (IP) financed by the EU’s Seventh Framework Program (FP7) in which Ontop is a core component.

Bolzano Team Members

External Team Members

Academic contributors

  • Prof. Michael Zakharyaschev. Department of Computer Science and Information Systems Birkbeck College, London.
    Together with Roman they developed the Tree Witness query rewriting algorithm.
  • Dr. Dag Hovland. Institutt for informatikk Universitetet i Oslo. Oslo. Contributor to the SQL translation/execution engine.

Previous Staff

  • MSc. Uğur Dönmez
  • MSc. Sergey Pugacs
  • Dott. Mindaugas Slusnys
  • MSc. Timea Bagosi
  • Msc. Josef Hardi
  • Dott. Manfred Gerstgrasser

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